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I said with a devious underhanded smile, I usually wore nothing, and slept in the nude! Then offered her the use of my pajamas if she liked, and that the guest room was all hers. It was obvious that the drink had taken full effect on Diana, as her glass was now empty.

Hentai: [Shinobu Tanei] Imouto Sabotage (COMIC Penguin Club 2016-06) [English] {desudesu}

Imouto Sabotage 1Imouto Sabotage 2Imouto Sabotage 3Imouto Sabotage 4Imouto Sabotage 5Imouto Sabotage 6Imouto Sabotage 7Imouto Sabotage 8Imouto Sabotage 9Imouto Sabotage 10Imouto Sabotage 11Imouto Sabotage 12Imouto Sabotage 13Imouto Sabotage 14Imouto Sabotage 15Imouto Sabotage 16Imouto Sabotage 17Imouto Sabotage 18Imouto Sabotage 19Imouto Sabotage 20

[志乃武丹英]義妹サボタージュ(COMIC ペンギンクラブ 2016年6月号) [英訳]

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