[Zensoku Rider (Tenzen Miyabi)] Osouji Shite Yaru (World Flipper)

Kevin jumped up as fast as he could and try to run out of the room, but Anthony tackled him to the ground and held him down and said “You were told by dad to do whatever I want without any complaints and if you try to run again I will kick your ass so badly that you wont be able to sit or walk for days and then when you are able to move again I will do exactly what I want to you anyway because I am I charge remember? Don’t say a word and lay down on the floor and close your eyes until I get back with your new punishment. Go to page

Kevin started to cry and got on his knees to beg his father to change his mind, but his father said “You will have plenty of reason to cry about in a couple of minutes, have fun boys.

Hentai: [Zensoku Rider (Tenzen Miyabi)] Osouji Shite Yaru (World Flipper)

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[漸速ライダー (天漸雅)]お掃除してやる♥(ワールドフリッパー)

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