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” before i had chance to finish my sentance harvey put his hand on my lips and said “shh babe dont say anything” so me and harvey justed looked into each others eyes for a good 20 minutes and all of a sudden my dad knocked on the door and came in before i had chance to say come in he said “im sorry i grabbed you last night” i said his sentance back to him but changed the word grabbed to man handled me my dad came up to me and hugged me and i hugged him back my dad left and said “o leon we are having a dinner party the day after tomorrow” (side note harvey said after that i love that film) harvey sentance was not answered and i asked who is coming over he said “a very good friend of are family my son” i said “yeah who” “we are having jasons family round” i smiled really wide and said “o my god i cant wait!!!!” my dad said “harvey you will be exspected to attend along with your mom” harvey smiled and “we will be here” after that my dad finally left my room and continued doing whatever he was doing l looked at harvey and said “suck me off” harvey said “your not funny” i said “this time im not joking babe” harvey went do to my boxer short and i was dying to say jokes but i didnt i really wanted sucking off so harvey lowered my boxer shorts and started working my soft cock harvey stopped and said “babe your cock has got bigger” i said “i know its bigger do you like it” harvey smiled and said he did and started sucking my cock like a pro porn star or something harvey got me to the point of cumming to i said im going to cumm and shot it all in harvey mouth he drank my load and said “umm that tasted really nice babe” i smiled and laughted me and harvey was hugging after that for most of the day laying in my bed and watching some film that was special night for me because it was so sweet and romantic

to be continued
sorry ive been to busy lately lol i will find more time to write mine and harvey story but please be award it isnt all about sex so deal with it!!!. Dorm Akino Shin (Nekojarashi) Image Set… i spent the next day with harvey.

Hentai: pixiv クリグラ (13414359)

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