[J.O.C E.go!! (Midori Kouichi)] Usotsuki. (Brave Story) [English] {Takcody}

He stood and ran and hugged me, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I like you alo-“
Just then he pulled me close to his semi-muscular body, and deeply kissed me.

Hentai: [J.O.C e.go!! (Midori Kouichi)] Usotsuki. (Brave Story) [English] {Takcody}

Usotsuki. 1Usotsuki. 2Usotsuki. 3Usotsuki. 4Usotsuki. 5Usotsuki. 6Usotsuki. 7Usotsuki. 8Usotsuki. 9Usotsuki. 10Usotsuki. 11Usotsuki. 12Usotsuki. 13Usotsuki. 14Usotsuki. 15Usotsuki. 16Usotsuki. 17Usotsuki. 18Usotsuki. 19Usotsuki. 20Usotsuki. 21Usotsuki. 22

[J.O.C★e.go!! (ミドリコウイチ)]うそつき。(ブレイブ・ストーリー) [英訳]

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