[Ebitendon (Torakichi)] Yuusha-kun No Sainan [English]

Jamie's gag reflex had disappeared long ago and was able to take the brutal face pounding easily until suddenly the familiar taste of cum shot in her mouth. She would flirt with guys at a bar lead them to a dark alley, get them all hot and bothered, then “change her mind” at the last second.

Hentai: [Ebitendon (Torakichi)] Yuusha-kun no Sainan [English]

Yuusha-kun no Sainan 1Yuusha-kun no Sainan 2Yuusha-kun no Sainan 3Yuusha-kun no Sainan 4Yuusha-kun no Sainan 5Yuusha-kun no Sainan 6Yuusha-kun no Sainan 7Yuusha-kun no Sainan 8Yuusha-kun no Sainan 9Yuusha-kun no Sainan 10Yuusha-kun no Sainan 11Yuusha-kun no Sainan 12

[えびてん丼 (とらきち)]勇者くんの災難[英語]

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